I, Paul: An Apostle's Story (Printed Study Guide)

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"It could reasonably be argued that no other human, apart from Jesus himself, has had a greater impact on the world than Paul of Tarsus. His theological reflections on the meaning of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection have had a profound impact upon every branch of the Christian faith. His missionary journeys took the gospel across the Roman world. He mentored many second-generation Christian leaders. Thirteen of the New Tes­tament's twenty-seven books are attributed to him, and one-half of the Acts of the Apostles is devoted to telling his story. Today, one-third of the world's pop­ulation look to his writings for inspiration, spiritual direction, and ethical guidance, more than follow the teachings of Muhammad, the Buddha, and Confucius combined."
– Adam Hamilton, from The Call: The Life and Message of the Apostle Paul

This is a ten-lesson study of the life, ministry and historical background of the great Apostle Paul. It has been taught by the author several times in four different congregations. An audio CD of all 10 lessons being taught is available separately.

Richard Cravy has been on the technology staff and a part-time instructor at Sunset International Bible Institute since 1996. He has taught courses on Christian History, Jeremiah, and Hermeneutics/Effective Bible Study. During his ministry he has served churches in Texas, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico and California, including as an elder in two congregations.

Table of Contents:

  1. Growing Up Jewish
  2. A Blasphemer & Persecutor
  3. But Now I See
  4. The Making of an Apostle
  5. Preaching Christ Crucified
  6. Sharing in His Sufferings
  7. I, Paul, Write This
  8. A Theologian for Jesus
  9. The Care of All the Churches
  10. An Ambassador in Chains

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Richard Cravy
Large Paperback
2017, 2018
Effective Bible Study
A Ten-Lesson Study of the Life, Work and Impact of the Apostle Paul