Pictures from Christian History (MP3 on CD)

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A CD with twelve MP3 audio lessons taught at the Sunset Church of Christ in 2018. Each lesson focuses on interesting and little known facts about some portion of the history of Christianity. This study moves away from the more traditional timeline and dates approach often used in studying Christianity's history. Excellent for either personal study or for use in a class. A printed study guide is available separately. A PDF file of the study guide is included on the CD.
Author: Richard Cravy has been part of the technology staff and a part-time instructor at Sunset International Bible Institute since 1996.

Lesson titles:

  1. Introduction - Why and How to Study Christian History
  2. Where the Saints Met - Early Church Meeting Places
  3. A Faith Worth Dying For - Persecution
  4. Into All the World - Evangelism
  5. The Books and Parchments, Part I - Preservation and Propagation of the New Testament
  6. The Books and Parchments, Part II - Preservation and Propagation of the New Testament
  7. Co-Workers in Christ Jesus - Women in the Early Church
  8. Symbols and Art in Early Christianity - The Fish, Cross, Anchor and other Christian Imagery
  9. Nailed to the Church Door - Important Documents
  10. How Shall They Hear Without a Preacher? - Great Preachers and Preaching
  11. Each of Us Hears in Our Own Language - Translating the Bible into the World's Languages
  12. A City Set on a Hill - Amazing Influence of Christianity in the World

CLICK HERE to see the Pictures from Christian History printed study guide.

Publisher: Effective Bible Study

Richard Cravy
Church Bible Class