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God ordained the celebration of communion service on the first day of every week. He did not want his people to lose touch with what happened at the Place of the Skull. So, the night before he was betrayed, Jesus instituted the celebration of a new feast, called the Lord's Supper. He wanted his disciples to remember that his sacrificial atonement was the foundation of their salvation. Therefore, he commanded, that in breaking the bread and drinking of  the fruit of the vine the purpose of the feast must be maintained as a memorial: Do this in memory of me (Luke 22:19).
This book is a collection of communion talks that are designed to increase our understanding and appreciation of the sacrifice Jesus made for our salvation.  Hopefully these readings will help focus our attention more deeply on the  celebration of the supper. Those serving at the table are welcome to provide a reading from this book as a supplement to their serving.

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Subject Titles

1.    The Divine - Human Sacrifice
2.    Salvation Words In The New Testament
3.    The Fountain For Cleansing
4.    You Prepared For Me A Body
5.    Sacrifices Without Blemish
6.    Life Is In The Blood
7.    The Itinerary Of Jesus
8.    The Veil Was Rent – Eden Is Restored
9.    Jesus On The Tree
10.    The Rejected Stone
11.    My Hour Is Not Yet Come
12.    The Price The Father Paid For Our Salvation
13.    The Cross Obligates Us!
14.    Abuses Of The Lord's Supper, Their Solutions
15.    The Passover
16.    The Lamb Of God
17.    Faces About The Cross
18.    Worthy Is The Lamb
19.    The Peace Offering
20.    By Grace Through Faith
21.    The Resurrection Changes Everything
22.    Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory
23.    Saved To The Uttermost
24.    Upon This Rock
25.    Except A Seed Die
26.    The Road From Emmaus To Jerusalem
27.    Christ, The First-Born
28.    We Have A Mediator
29.    Amazing Love
30.    If Christ Was Not Raised
31.    Body, Soul, and Spirit
32.    Confident Prayer
33.    Prophetic Clusters - Psalms 69
34.    I Have Set My King
35.    Parables Of The Kingdom
36.    By His Stripes We Are Healed
37.    Without Christ
38.    Memorials
39.    Assurance Of Salvation
40.    The New Covenant In My Blood
41.    God Is Faithful
42.    He Is Coming Back
43.    I Am, That I Am
44.    In The Days Of His Flesh
45.    In The Heavenly Places
46.    Messiah - The Anointed One
47.    The Conscience
48.    The Humiliation Of Christ
49.    The Lord Is My Shepherd
50.    This Is My Body, This Is My Blood
51.    Who Is Man
52.    Yet Without Sin

GERALD PADEN (1924 - 2015) was educated at Abilene Christian University and subsequently served as a missionary in Italy for 18 years with his wife Bobbie and their family. He was an instructor at the Sunset School of Preaching and Sunset International Bible Institute from 1971 until shortly before his death. He specialized in teaching Missions, Church Growth, the Levitical Sacrificial System, Hebrews, Ephesians, and the Epistles of John.

Gerald Paden
Sunset Institute Press
In Celebration of Communion at the Lord's Supper