We Saw His Glory! (John 12-21), MP3 CD - by Richard Cravy

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We Saw His Glory! is a study of the Gospel of John, chapters 12-21. It contains 12 lessons and was originally taught in the Sunset Church of Christ Adult Education Program. A companion study, Come & See!, is available separately and covers John chapters 1-11. The Gospel of John is a book providing the compelling evidence that Jesus is the Son of God and the Christ/Messiah foretold of by the prophets in the Old Testament. This study approaches the Gospel from this perspective. You are purchasing a single CD disk containing MP3 audio files of the 12 lessons in this class. Most CD players in vehicles and stand-alone CD players will play this disk. The files may also be downloaded from the disk to a computer or transferred to a digital device like a smartphone or tablet for listening as well.

A printed Study Guide is also available separately by CLICKING HERE.


1. Introduction to John, Chapters 12-21

2. The Glorious King – John 12:1-50

3. The Glory of His Love – John 13:1-38

4. The Glory of His Promises – John 14:1-31

5. The Glory of the True Vine – John 15:1-25; 16:1-4

6. The Glory of His Spirit – John 15:26-27; 16:5-33

7. The Glory of His Prayer, Part I – John 17:1-26

8. The Glory of His Prayer, Part II – John 17:1-26

9. The Glory of His Suffering, Part I – John 18:1-40

10. The Glory of His Suffering, Part II – John 19:1-42

11. The Glory of His Resurrection – John 20:1-31

12. The Glory of His Forgiveness – John 21:1-25

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