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July 15 - August 15, 2022
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By Casandra Martin
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ABCs of a Godly Heart (#2327) – A Study in the Psalms
Paul: By the Grace of God (#380)
A Light in the Darkness (#378) – A Study of Elijah and Elisha
Our Father in Heaven (#2638) – Jesus Teaches Us How to Pray
Impossible (#4154) – How Jesus Made the Impossible into the Possible in the Gospel of Luke
That You May Believe (#379) – The Gospel of John Presents  the Evidence for Jesus as the Son of God
The Shadow of the Cross (#381) – A Study of the Lessons to Learn from the Crucifixion
Echoing His Heartbeat (#2517) – The Life of David, a Man After God's Own Heart
Fragrance of Faith (#86) – Discovering the Aroma of Christ in the Beatitudes
God, Pass By Me (#2332) – We See God's Nature and Heart Through His Divine Names
Immeasurably More (#3329) – Using Ephesians to Live More Abundantly in Christ
Living Stones (#3632) – Having Living Stone Faith as Part of God's Spiritual House
Set Free (#3174) – Walking Through Exodus

The ASK (Ask, Seek, Knock) Series:
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Lover of God's Law (#5410) – A Study of Psalms 119
The Love Story (#4133) – A Study of Ruth
ID'd (#5007) – Your God-Given Identity in Christ
Crowned (#5210) – Adorned with Kingdom Blessings

By Cindy Colley
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Women of the Genesis (#356)
Women of Deliverance (#372)
Women of Scandal (#4873)
Women of Troubled Times (#603)

We carry many other excellent Bible study guides written especially for women as well.

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