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The 2024 Sermon Symposium is designed to serve preachers, Bible teachers, elders, and all those who instruct others in the Word of God. The Symposium features keynote sermons and classes on lesson development and delivery, practical ministry concerns, and related research topics. It was organized by Dr. Kerry Williams, Dean of the Sunset Graduate School at Sunset International Bible Institute. The Lewisville Church of Christ (Lewisville, Texas) was the host congregation.

01 Keynote: The Calling of Preaching – Dr. Devin Swindle
02 Keynote: Disciplined Preaching – Dr. Jeremie Beller
03 Keynote: Heartfelt Preaching – Dr. Devin Swindle
04 Keynote: Convicted Preaching– Dr. Jeremie Beller
05 Keynote: Bold Preaching – Dr. Devin Swindle
06 Sermon Delivery: Evangelizing Beyond the Pulpit – Seth Williams
07 Research: The Church Leadership Academy: A Blueprint for Local Church Leadership Training and Outreach to Future Community Leaders – Dr. David Wagner
08 Sermon Development: Proclaiming the Word in Love – Micheal Bingham
09 Sermon Delivery: Preaching to the Family – Dr. Daniel Smith
10 Research: The Monomyth and Christ – Bobby Price
11 Sermon Development: Utilizing Modern-Day Parables – Dr. Chris Swinford
12 Sermon Delivery: How to Ensure Your Lesson Sticks – Dr. Bob Turner
13 Research: Preaching Matthew 2:16: The Massacre of the Innocents – Tim Bench
14 Sermon Development: Preaching at Home to Make His Name Known Throughout the World – Tim Burow, President of SIBI
15 Sermon Delivery: Having a Conversation: Making People Feel Like You Are Talking Just to Them – Jarrod Williams
16 Sermon Development: Why Reading Books Still Matters – Dr. James Chaisson
17 Research: The Man of Sin: A Tool of God’s Judgement – Dr. Daniel Smith

Upon purchase you will receive a DOWNLOAD link by email. The downloaded file will contain all 17 messages and classes in MP3 file format. After downloading the zipped file to your computer or device, double-click on the file to extract all the MP3 files into a folder.