Historical Christian Evidences (Studio DVD)

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Course Description

Instructor: Ed Wharton

This study is logical, documented and a great builder of personal faith. You will be amazed
at the accumulation of historical evidence for the existence of Jesus and the reliability of the New Testament. The fact of His deity is presented and proven beyond all shadow of doubt.

The Historical Christian Evidences SIBI Studio Course contains 12 lessons on 3 DVDs.. Listed below are the lessons included in the course.

Lesson Title
1 Defining Our Study
2 Historical Jesus – Non-Biblical Writers
3 Historical Reliability of the New Testament (I)
4 Historical Reliability of the New Testament (II)
5 Historical Reliability of the New Testament (III)
6 Implications of the Resurrection of Jesus
7 The Resurrection – The Empty Tomb
8 The Resurrection – The Change at Pentecost
9 The Resurrection – The Apostles’ Testimony
10 The Resurrection – Conversion of Paul
11 Jesus, the Man of Destiny
12 The Mythology of Liberalism
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