Historical Christian Evidences, with Ed Wharton (Classroom DVD)

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Set of 8 DVDs containing 22 hours of live classroom teaching!
  • Hear the evidence for the historicity of Jesus from both biblical and non-biblical sources
  • Learn of the considerable amount of evidence for the historical reliability of the New Testament
  • Discover the inescapable conclusions to be drawn from the resurrection of Jesus
Historical Christian Evidences was filmed live in the classroom at Sunset International Bible Institute in the Fall of 2003. It consists of twenty-two one hour lessons (with three exceptions). This series focuses on the considerable evidence proving the existence of Jesus, the factual accuracy of the New Testament writings, and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. At each step the student is led to see the logical conclusions to be drawn from such evidence. This is one of the most encouraging and faith-building studies imagineable. Ed Wharton has been an instructor at Sunset for more than 40 years, and is held in the highest esteem as an evangelist, Bible teacher and author.

LESSONS 1 & 2: Introduction. Subjectivism versus the objective nature of historical Christian evidences. Proposition and methodolgy stated.
LESSONS 3 & 4: Pagan and Jewish documentary evidence for the existence of Jesus. The New Testament as our primary historical source.
LESSONS 5 & 6: Proofs and demonstrations of the historical reliability of the New Testament.
LESSON 7: Refuting the myth that the church invented Jesus.
LESSONS 8 -13: Detailed consideration of the importance and implications of the resurrection of Jesus. Presentation of the facts of the resurrection and the evidence of the empty tomb.
LESSONS 14 -18: The apostles as eyewitnesses to the resurrected Jesus. The Pentecost Phenomenon. The lives, ministry, and writings of the apostles as evidence.
LESSONS 19 & 20: The convincing evidence from the conversion, ministry, and writings of Paul of Tarsus as proof of the resurrection of Jesus.
LESSON 21: Jesus, the man of destiny - his claims to be in perfect control of what happened to him and when.
LESSON 22: The Gospel of John and the power and persuasiveness of the other signs which Jesus did.

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