The Gospel of Luke, Classroom DVD

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Classroom Series: The Gospel of Luke - Life & Teachings of Jesus I, by Charles Speer 21 lessons on 6 Disks

"This course is an exegetical study of Luke’s Gospel. We will highlight in the first few chapters the characters Luke uses to introduce the Christ, in contrast to the manner in which Matthew introduces the Messiah. Then the emphasis shifts to Jesus’ preparation for ministry through his baptism and temptations. After studying Jesus’ trip home to Nazareth at which time he announces the purpose and focus of his ministry, we study numerous pericopes that show he is on target and on mission, that is, ministering to the outcasts of his society. Through the middle of the book, the study emphasizes threads such as discipleship, the kingdom of God (especially in parables), and prayer. There is a special study on Jesus’ discourse about the destruction of Jerusalem (ch. 21). We end with a reading of and appreciation for the suffering and resurrection of Jesus."  – Charles Speer

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